Here’s a crazy fact for you.

Life is out-of-control unpredictable at the best of times.

Take this for example. I was settling into life post-uni, thinking I was going to hang around in Brisbane for at least another year, when the Upheaval Gods struck and 2 weeks later I had moved my life to Byron Bay.


New house. New job. No friends. No family. But one unreal place to call home and spend the summer basking in. I couldn’t be more stoked with how it worked out. But it’s also terrifying.


I can’t jump in my car and be with friends in under 5 minutes, under 2 hours maybe if the traffic is good. I can’t head 10 minutes down the road when I need something from a shopping centre, more like 90 minutes. Living in the city is cushy. It’s easy and everything is available. The traffic is rubbish but the buzz of people wherever you go makes it worth it. Living at the beach? The air is fresh. There are no street lights here. The only cars I can hear are when they drive down the gravel driveway. It’s a completely different world.


I’m shit scared. I’m a city girl. Grew up in 2 big cities, learnt to drive, to adult, to live in the city. But have I really learned how to live, if I’ve moved to a small town and can’t figure out how to light my gas stove? (you use a lighter?!?!?!) My bike got a flat tyre and I don’t know how to change it. I don’t know what plastics are recyclable and what are waste. I have never used a compost bin and wouldn’t have a clue what warrants going in there. At least Google can tell me all of that.


We are privileged in the city. Of sorts. Our lives are easy, because society has made then like that, and it makes us lazy. We use unspeakable amounts of electricity and water, create unmanageable amounts of waste and are generally doing jack shit to help the environment, all because it’s convenient. Because doing ‘life’ any other way would be weird. I know there are many city residents who do live mindfully, and make a tremendous effort. All I’m saying is, I am not, and never have been one of them. I didn’t even think about what I was doing and how I was living, until I was faced with something so starkly different.


I’m not preaching. I’m not saying I’m a convert. I’m not even trying to suggest that I know all that much about sustainability and the earth. But what I do know is that moving away from the city has given me perspective. I walk around here and feel stupid that I care so much about the clothes I wear, the makeup I put on my face and how my social media ‘life’ comes across. It doesn’t matter. And from a week of living down here I’ve realised that a large proportion of people living in this community know it doesn’t matter either.


So here’s to upheaval. Here’s to challenging everything you think you know about the world. Here’s to living every day. Properly living. Fresh air, sandy feet, salty hair. All that hooha. It’s not actually hooha, it’s just real life.


If you got this far, congratulations and thanks, you’re a gem

Have you made a huge sudden change in your life? Or even something small that has lead to big things? I would love to hear about it

x Curls


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