It’s been on the bucket list for so long now and I finally ventured there recently to revel in the crystally goodness. It’s seriously the most tranquil place I have ever been, and it’s a tourist attraction?! Here is my guide for how to get the most out of your time at Crystal Castle.

Side note before you get started: I’m not religious. I’m not overly spiritual. I do however, allow my mind to open to learning about other cultures and their spiritual beliefs, and I take what I want from it, and leave what I don’t. I highly recommend you do the same when you visit Crystal Castle. Clear your mind of any prejudice and experience it as a completely blank canvas.

Must do (for prime photo opportunities & to also have the same tranquil, enlightening experience I did)

crystal castle crystal castle amethystcrystal castle view overlooking byron hinterland

The Crystal Guardians

A HUGE 5.5m crystal, split in half so we can all admire its boss-ass beauty, composed of 5 crystals- smoky quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, calcite and agate. Overlooking the hinterland, it’s seriously beautiful and awe-inspiring. Looks great in a photo if you have a friend with you, or can wrangle a stranger to take a pic (because that’s the main reason you decided to go there, right?). Besides the blinding beauty of the Crystal Guardians is hundreds of millions of years spent forming into this unbelievable composition. Take a moment to appreciate that too. It is believed to hold incredible energies of healing, peace, hope and expansions with the world- something probably all of us need a little bit more of in our lives.

crystal castle lotus Buddha sculpture crystal castle lotus mosaiccrystal castle sculpture hinducrystal castle sculpture bamboo crystal castle bamboo Buddha Walk

Buddha Walk

Take the time to meander around the walk. Read the signs, absorb it all. Even if you don’t believe in any of it, just read it anyway. Spend a few minutes with the giant Buddha on his lotus base. Besides the power of being in the presence of something that is so sacred to millions of people around the world, is the undeniable artistry that went into creating the sculpture and the lotus mosaic below it. The entire Buddha walk is like this. Even if the spiritual meaning isn’t something that resonates you, the sheer beauty and artistic qualities will. Also…. Buddha + lotus base… can be lined up for a beaut shot.

crystal castle wishing treecrystal castle

Wishing Tree

On the way to the Peace Stupa, look to your right and you will see a tree covered in cardboard. Bit like a eco-friendly Christmas Tree. On it, are thousands of wishes, written by visitors to the Crystal Castle. Take a moment to write your wish for yourself, your friends, your family, the world, whatever, find a spot on the tree, and tie it there. Symbolic and powerful if you make it that way, or just a rush of omg-I’m-vandalising-a-tree-but-not-really, your choice.

crystal castle peace stupta crystal castle peace stupa

Peace Stupa

If you’re only going to Crystal Castle to snap some fully sick pics, skip this part. A stupa is a monument built by Tibetan Buddhists to represent the process of enlightenment. Inside it, are sacred objects, scriptures and relics, the outside is adorned with 40 brass prayer wheels. It is believed that when you turn a prayer wheel, the prayers contained inside the wheel are released into world. Walk around the Peace Stupa with a consistent pace, 4 times in a clockwise direction. As you walk around, gently push on the prayer wheels so they spin and release the prayers. After our first full rotation, the music of Tibetan monks began to play through unidentifiable speakers. It was powerful. Leave your phones and cameras for this one.

crystal castle giant rose quartz crystal castle rainforest walk

While at Crystal Castle, make sure you also enjoy The Rainforest Walk and the Reflexology Walk. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to embark on the Labrinth, which takes 20 minutes to complete properly, but that is the top of my list for next time.

Crystal Castle is a must-do if you’re in the area. Its powerful, connected me to things I didn’t even know I could be connected to, and left us with an overriding sense of peace and tranquility.



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