Google search ‘why vegans are wrong’ and you get a slew of articles written by doctors, nutritionists, bodybuilding protein promoters and the like, talking about how vegan diets are deficient in this, lacking in that, and  ‘just because something says it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy’.

Literally all I have to say to that is, WE KNOW.

vegan pineapple

vegan spices santos byron bay

Usually by the time someone makes the decision to go vegan, it’s after vast amounts of researching, hours trolling the internet reading all the arguments to form an educated decision.

All these anti-vegan arguments literally spell it out as if every single vegan on this planted is uneducated and thinks eating a strict diet of oreos will save the cute little piglets before they become bacon. I mean seriously are you for real.

fruit vegetables santos byron bay vegan pumpkin santos byron bay vegan

Classic argument: vegans are deficient in blah blah and blah nutrients and vitamins. You know who else is deficient in certain other vitamin, nutrients and minerals? MEAT EATERS!

Although there are those who make sure they consciously monitor all the micro nutrients in their diet, there are those who also DON’T, and I bet a large number of them are deficient in more than a vegan is.

Don’t consume a rainbow of vegetables on a daily basis? Well guess what, just like a vegan who doesn’t consume a rainbow of vegetables on a daily basis either, you’re probably lacking in a few things! Since being vegan I am a lot more aware of the need to absorb essential nutrients and vitamins, and where they are lacking in my diet, I take in supplements, problem solved.

grains santos byron bay vegan

Another classic argument: they’re not any healthier than all these millions of other diets. Bravo, well done, give yourself a pat on the back. For the majority of the population there is never going to be one be-all and end-all diet to cure every possible ailment, give us eternal youth and bless our children with the genetic lottery.

Diets are trends. Just like double denim and Birkenstocks. Trends. Veganism is a trend too.

As a vegan, I’m not saying my diet is healthier than anyone else’s (because in reality it’s most definitely worse than a lot of people I know), I’m saying it’s a way of eating that works for me, suits my lifestyle, and I get fulfilment out of.

dragonfruit vegan santos byron bay

The added benefit is that a vegan diet, when well-planned and monitored, can be incredibly healthy. But so can a million of other diets. When a diet is encouraging you to eat a lot of veggies and get your protein and carbs from natural, unprocessed sources, you’re probably going to reap the health benefits.

Moral of story: the majority of vegans I know, don’t care about anti-vegan opinions. And the majority of non-vegans I know, don’t care about vegan opinions either. So let’s just all move past it, educate ourselves, ignore what society says we should or shouldn’t eat, and figure it out as individuals. No one diet is going to work for everyone… that food pyramid shit sure as hell didn’t work for me.

Embrace differences in opinions. Use it to broaden your mind. Even if you disagree and feign stubbornness in the moment, if something even remotely strikes a chord or resonates with you, delve deeper into it. Knowledge is power, is it not.

santos byron bay vegan

All images taken at the beautiful Santos Byron Bay




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